X065752 Neopulse Suitcase 4 wheels 55cm S

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With NEOPULSE, Samsonite redefines the benchmark for lightweight polycarbonate luggage. Made in Europe, NEOPULSE perfectly succeeds in combining lightness and strength thanks to the self-reinforced design with extra protective corners (patent pending).

• Made of 100% high quality polycarbonate.
• Only 3.4 kg for Spinner 75.
• Large volume, boxy shape.
• Rich colour palette offering both metallic (glossy) and matte finishings. Mix and match the Matte Black with red
detailing with our PARADIVER LIGHT assortment for a modern, unique look.
• Double tube pull handle and smooth rolling double wheels.
• In order to meet the demands of the frequent traveller, an additional cabin size Spinner 55 cm with extra depth of 23 cm has been added to the assortment.

40 x 55 x 20 cm / 38L / 2,2kg

Colors and sizes

A84 Metallic Black (Xtra), B11 Metallic Sand (Xtra), A46 Metallic Blue (Xtra), A48 Metallic Red (Xtra), B08 Matte Black (Xtra), B67 Metallic Intense Red (Xtra), B68 Metallic Intense Blue (Xtra)
N = New
X = Xtra