P158 Bar Apron with Pocket



A bar apron that falls to a length of 80cm offering the wearer maximum coverage. This apron comes in 28 colours and is part of the 'Colours' collection from Premier. To the centre of the apron is a useful centre pocket for carrying tablet devices, together with a combined pen compartment. One Size.
WEIGHT: 195gsm

All colors marked "Xtra" are only available in whole cartons.
One carton contains 72 pcs

65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Twill

Colors and sizes

199 Black, 250 Red, 380 Navy, 156 Dark Grey, 000 White (Xtra), 005 Nature (Xtra), 838 Pink (Xtra), 235 Fuchsia (Xtra), 839 Hot Pink (Xtra), 280 Burgundy (Xtra), 320 Light blue (Xtra), 340 Turquoise (Xtra), 350 Medium blue (Xtra), 355 Royal blue (Xtra), 770 Light purple (Xtra), 781 Purple (Xtra), 328 Aqua (Xtra), 420 Lime (Xtra), 570 Olive (Xtra), 339 Emerald (Xtra), 480 Bottle green (Xtra), 648 Lemon yellow (Xtra), 649 Sunny yellow (Xtra), 690 Orange (Xtra), 525 Sage (Xtra), 530 Khaki (Xtra), 590 Brown (Xtra), 136 Silver (Xtra)
X = Xtra