X105262 Lite-Shock Sport Suitcase 4 wheels 55cm

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Adventure awaits
LITE-SHOCK SPORT, a perfect match for the sportive, tech savvy traveller! The athleisure variation of LITE-SHOCK stays true to the acclaimed lightness and
shock absorbing design of the original. It embodies modern style and high functionality thanks to the revolutionary extremely light yet strong Curv material,
the bold colour palette, eye-catching colour detailing and water resistant PU zipper.

• Practical and perfectly matching the athleisure atmosphere of the collection
• Featuring a divider pad, apron pocket and lowered cross ribbons
• Eye-catching colour detailing on the cross ribbons
• Bright anodised pull handle Mono tube pull handle with integrated ID tag
• Water resistant PU zipper Perfectly fitting the sportive character
• Shock-absorbing design, made with Curv material Extremely strong, incredibly light
• Striking colour detailing Pinches of red on carry handles caps, extrusion, logo and wheels

40 x 55 x 20 cm / 36L / 1,7kg

Colors and sizes

B23 Eclipse Grey/Red (Xtra), B24 Nautical Blue/Red (Xtra)
X = Xtra